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Aquamarine March Birthstone

March Birthstone Aquamarine is a stone most commonly defined by its mild blue tone, directly translating to “water of the sea”. Associated with folklore pertaining to water, it was once believed to be a prized gem by mermaids and was given to sailors as good luck for fruitful and safe journeys. It has been gifted through history to ward off enemies and gossip, protecting the wearer from harm. This stone is nowadays gifted to celebrate March birthdays.

The beautiful birthstone color Aquamarine is primarily mined in Brazil, Columbia, and Pakistan, but can be found in Southeast Africa, select countries of the Middle East, and even the Colorado Rockies. Mount Antero of Colorado has been a mining source for many years. The discovery of aquamarine in this region led Colorado pronouncing it their official state gemstone in the 70s. Aquamarines can be purchased at any price point, based on hue, tone, clarity, saturation and treatment.

 In Eastern tradition, it is known as a gem that represents faithfulness, courage, friendship, and reconciliation, it is also believed to enhance the happiness of loving unions, making it the traditional anniversary gift for the 19th year of marriage. In Roman times, the stone was customarily given by husbands to their bride’s on their wedding night. This served as a reminder to nurture their young love.

 Aquamarine makes for an appropriate and thoughtful gift to overseas traveler, ocean lovers, or someone seeking the healing and calming properties associated with water. Sought after to increase happiness, intelligence, wisdom, youthfulness, and aid in making clear-headed decisions this stone can be given outside the month of March. Whether the recipient is in need of a reminder of their inherent fearlessness, remarkable courage, or valuable friendship gifting an aquamarine speaks it all at once. Find your favorite Aquamarine March Birthstones here at Portsmouth Jewelers, in Portsmouth NH.

Aquamarine March Birthstone at Portsmouth Jewelers

Aquamarine March Birthstone at Portsmouth Jewelers