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Emerald, May's Birthstone

The emerald has boasted a rich history of mining and trading dating back 6000 years. Worn by Cleopatra and referenced in Aristotle’s musings, the stone has had the admiration of affluent and learned socialites alike for thousands of years. They became the preference of Charlemagne and Alexander the Great as the highlighted stone in many of the crown jewels. From Jackie Kennedy to Elizabeth Taylor, emeralds have been favored by Hollywood and society’s elite in more recent years as well.

The stone was believed to procure protection, represent trust, and summon calmness to those who wear it. It is believed in ancient lore that emeralds were a gift from the God of Wisdom, Thoth. Emerald is the color and stone associated with the heart chakra in yogic tradition and is often given to demonstrate ones devotion to a successful love. The stone has been linked to healing eyes and sight. More broadly, it has been used to help foresee the future and reveal wisdom, truth, and clarity.

It is no surprise that Emerald is the birthstone for the Spring month of May, representing hope, future, renewal and growth. Emerald has been associated with lushness and greenery in nature since it was first mined. Ireland’s verdant landscape has given way to the “Emerald Isle” nickname. The densely vegetated city of Seattle has also adopted the title of “Emerald City”. Both locations likening their topography to natural beauty and deep hues of the gem.

The clarity of the stone is variant. Some emeralds are sought after for their milky shade and unique inclusions; others are noteworthy due to their flawless nature with the naked eye. As a more challenging stone to cut this gem has even coined its own shape, known as an “emerald cut”. Lab creations have now allowed for this precious stone to be sold at ranging price points. 

Whether celebrating a May birthday, commemorating a 55th wedding anniversary, or giving a gift to signify a successful love and partnership, the emerald is a precious gemstone and can be found here at Portsmouth Jewelers, either in a rings,  necklaces or bracelets.