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Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone, June's Birthstone

The birth month of June has the luxury of choice. As it is the only month with three official birthstones Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone, finding a stone to suit a June baby’s needs comes with options.

For thousands of years pearls were worn by the Japanese, Romans, Chinese, and Egyptians, believed to be a marking of wealth and royalty throughout history. The gem forms naturally when an irritant enters a closed oyster. This creates layers of “nacre” as a defensive response, surrounding the obstruction until a pearl comes to shape. With increased scarcity in natural resources, prices have risen and remote locations like Bahrain, Tahiti and Kujukushima Islands are experiencing depletion. In response to the growing rarity, pearls have become more and more diverse in shapes and sizes. Freshwater and man made pearls have become an inexpensive and oftentimes still unique alternative.

The pearl, being a distinct gem in its own right, is the only birthstone that is byproduct of a living creature. Lore has surrounded the gem by many cultures. Stories have ranged to include the pearl’s ocean origins, the wedding day tradition of gifting the gem, and even a symbolic power exchange between Cleopatra and Marc Antony, where one of the two “largest pearls in existence” was dissolved and drank by the pharaoh.

As a versatile alternative, Alexandrite and Moonstone are both exceptional substitutes.  Alexandrite is a rare, multicolored stone mined primarily from Brazil and Tanzania. This younger stone was first found in Russia and named after Russian Czar Alexander II. Known for its changing color and vibrant hues, an alexandrite is bold stone by nature. This is the perfect option for those who like to make a statement with their pieces.

 The moonstone is an interesting compromise between pearl and alexandrite. Once believed to have been created out of moonbeams, moonstone’s signature luminosity can be likened to the luster of pearls. Light creates a multicolored, layered glow on the surface of the stone, creating a comparable vibrancy to the alexandrite. This stone is thought to bring luck and feelings of love and adoration. Moonstone is an excellent casual option, often set to be worn as an everyday piece.

 Gem possibilities range from traditional, eye-catching to unpretentious. With the onset of summer, all three options are destined to sparkle and shine during the month of June and all these gemstones can be found at Portsmouth Jewelers.