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Peridot, Augusts Birthsone

With the high heat of late summer, it is only appropriate that Peridot is the birthstone for August. This gemstone is created as a result of volcanic expulsion, birthed through heat and fire from the depths of our planet. Representing all things sunny, full of light, and golden, those born in August are frequently gifted this yellow-green gemstone. Peridot is often used to celebrate 16th wedding anniversaries, and is said to encourage positivity and commend personal growth.  

Peridot is one of the oldest stones in folklore, discovered and admired by many as early as 1500 BC. Some believe this stone has been confused with the highly regarded emerald in Egyptian lore and held significant value and mystical properties in centuries past. This gemstone has even been found in rare meteorites, fragments from the origination of our universe. For this reason, many believe peridot to be a conduit for receiving all the universe has to offer. Physically, the stone offers healing properties to our endocrine system, a microcosmic universe within our own body. 

Nowadays, peridot has become a semi-precious stone with financial accessibility. Affordable lab created options make it easy to give as a gift for any occasion. With its beautiful yellow-green coloring,  Peridot is appealing set in both sterling silver and gold and can be found here at Portsmouth Jewelers. Whether you looking for a new ring, earrings, necklace or bracelet featuring a stunning Peridot, we have it here. Stop by and see our great selection of August’s Birthstone. 

Blog by Lindsey Poisson