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How To Know When It’s Time for Jewelry Repair Services

Ever had jewelry, like a necklace or bracelet, that looks sparkly and covetous when you first get it and then… well, not so much? Taking good care of precious accessories requires knowledge that goes far beyond the usual dusting off.

It’s often difficult to tell when jewelry needs repairs, and this blog is here to help identify those cases. You’ll recognize when repair services might be necessary for your jewelry pieces. Let’s take a look!

4 Signs You Need To Get Your Jewelry Repaired

When you own jewelry, it can be hard to tell if and when you need to seek out repair services. To help you make the right call for your treasured pieces, here are 4 signs that you should look out for:

  • Your Jewelry Doesn’t Fit Properly 

A sign that it might be time for a jewelry repair is if your jewelry doesn’t fit properly anymore. This could be due to weight loss or gain or simply because the metal has stretched over time. If your ring is too loose and threatens to fall off, or if your necklace is so tight that it’s uncomfortable to wear, it’s time to have it resized by a professional.

  • Your Jewelry Is Damaged

One of the most obvious signs is if your jewelry is visibly damaged. This could include a broken chain, a bent ring, or a stone falling out of its setting. If your jewelry is damaged, it’s important to take it to a “jeweler near me” as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

  • Your Jewelry Is Discolored

If your jewelry starts to discolor, it could mean it needs to be cleaned or repaired. Discoloration can be caused by a build-up of dirt and oils or exposure to chemicals or cosmetics.

If you think your jewelry needs a good cleaning, you can try cleaning it home with warm water and mild soap. If the discoloration persists, however, it’s best to take it to a jeweler in Portsmouth, NH, for professional cleaning or repair.

  • You Inherited Jewelry That You Want To Wear

If you’ve inherited some jewelry that you want to start wearing, but needs repairs first, don’t hesitate to take it to a “jewelry designer near me.”

Many people are hesitant to wear inherited jewelry because they think it might be too valuable or delicate, but there’s no need to worry. A professional jeweler will be able to assess the piece and make any necessary repairs so that you can enjoy wearing it as your own.

For All Your Jewelry Repair Needs, Portsmouth Jewelers Is the Way To Go

The search for the perfect jewelry repair shop is over! Portsmouth Jewelers provides unparalleled service with qualified professionals specializing in all aspects of jewelry repair. Our team offers a wealth of experience that can help you bring any piece back to life or design something brand new – just like you dreamed!

Our customers always come first, and we strive to provide outstanding service from start to finish. Whether it’s a simple fix or creating custom jewelry, Portsmouth Jewelers is the best choice for all your jewelry repair needs in Portsmouth, NH.


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