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Things To Consider When Buying Expensive Jewelry

A good piece of jewelry, paired with the right outfit, can bring out the best looks. While cheap jewelry may look appealing at once, investing in quality will ensure durability and beauty. However, when planning to invest in some expensive pieces, you should be careful as several instances of fraud in terms of quality and pricing are prevalent. To protect yourself from such fraudulence, prior research is a must. From vendor to certification, there are a few things you must evaluate to ensure a safe purchase:

  1. Your jewelry needs– A wide range of jewelry styles are now available in the market. However, visiting the jewelry store without knowing your jewelry needs is the last mistake you would want to commit. Such a diverse collection will create confusion, inducing customers to buy the wrong ones in mere excitement. To prevent this, you should set a prior idea about what you are precisely looking for.
  2. Budget- The product range is endless, and so is the price range. However, hampering your financial soundness for an overly expensive piece of diamond would not be the right decision. Therefore, set a budget, keeping in mind the type of jewelry you need, and stick to it.  
  3. Vendor- A large number of companies and individuals deal in jewelry. However, not everyone is trustworthy. To avoid any deceit, you should look for a trustable source. Do a reputation check of your vendor and ask for recommendations and referrals. Also, look for jewelers who have the necessary certifications and accreditations.
  4. Other options- You may miss out on good purchases because you are not ready to look out for options. What comes next is regret. You should always compare your options and then decide. If you have two or more jewelry shops in mind, visit them all. Check out the quality, designs, pricing, policy details, etc., and then decide wisely.
  5. Grading- Several certifications and gradings are associated with jewelry. But there are several vendors who engage in fraudulent trading of jewels. Therefore,  to ensure durability, look for hallmarks and certifications (like GIA) and high-quality gemstones.
  6. Weight- When it comes to jewelry, weights are essential. However, you may not know about false weightage mechanisms. To ensure a fair deal, be attentive while weighing the jewelry piece. Fake gold or silver jewels are lighter than the real ones. Also, pay attention to the color details. If the necklace is darker or silvery in places, it is not genuine gold or silver but is plated. Take time while buying expensive jewelry, as it is a huge investment.

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Buying jewelry is a thoughtful process. To receive a fair deal, mindfulness is a must. Though there are several reputed jewelers in the market, you should be aware of scams. Considering the above-mentioned factors can make you aware of the red flags. In addition, if you are looking for a well-reputed and trustworthy jeweler, Portsmouth Jewelers should be your ideal choice. We are known for top ratings, unique jewelry designs, and authentic products. For more information about our jewelry designers, contact us at 603-501-0043, connect with us through email at or fill out the contact form.

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