10 Jewelry Maintenance Tips

Everyone enjoys shopping for jewelry! It is easy to wear and helps accessories your daily outfits. A few simple tips can help increase the life of your precious and beautiful jewelry. 

Start with these simple maintenance tips below:

  1. Do not wear your jewelry to the gym or while exercising- Exercises that require you to hold something heavy (like dumbbells) or have a tight grip (like a tennis racket or golf clubs) can potentially increase the chance of your jewelry getting damaged. Your necklace can quickly get snagged and break from being stuck on workout equipment or while you are vigorously moving.
  2. Avoid wearing jewelry while performing any hard or physical work- You may think that physical tasks like moving furniture or gardening around the house cannot affect your jewelry. However, the heavy pressure associated with such activities can cause similar damage to exercising, especially to your rings. If you lose a diamond or gemstone while gardening, you may not be able to find it again. Therefore, you must remove your jewelry before performing any hard, physical work.
  3. Remove your jewelry before going to bed- Wearing your jewelry to bed may increase the potential for damage. Twisting, tossing, and turning during the night may cause your necklace to tangle, stretch or break. Rings with sharp or bent prongs may snag on sheets and blankets, causing the prongs to break and the stone to fall out.
  4. Do not wear your jewelry to the pool, hot tub, or beach- Saltwater and harsh chemicals like chlorine can damage your jewelry. Chlorine can discolor metals (like gold, platinum, and silver) and slowly erode gemstones’ finish and polish. It can even corrode your prongs enough for them to break off entirely. Swimming in the cold ocean water can make your fingers constrict, causing the ring to become loose and fall off. Lotions or sprays can get into the crevices of chains and prongs and create a dull and dingy film on your jewelry.
  5. Do not clean your jewelry with harsh chemicals- Cleaning jewelry with bleach or harsh commercial cleaning products will destroy precious metals or gems. Use specific products for each type of jewelry, like pearl cleaner for the pearls. 
  6. Put your beautiful jewelry on last and take it off first- When getting ready, do your makeup and hair first. Put on your jewelry after you get dressed. Your jewelry can easily get tangled with your garments or while styling your hair. Makeup and perfumes can also affect the shine of organic jewelry, such as a strand of pearls or pearl earrings. Necklaces can become entangled when dressing or undressing, causing them to snag and break.
  7. Clean the sweat and body oils from your jewelry- When cleaning your jewelry in the sink, always ensure that the drain is closed. While showering, place your jewelry in a designated safe spot to prevent it from it going down the drain.
  8. Store it safely- When you remove your jewelry, always store it in a safe location. You must ensure that no one touches or uses them. 
  9. Get your jewelry regularly checked- Check with your local jeweler to deep clean your jewelry and have them inspect for any weakness or damage. They will inform you if your jewelry needs repairs.
  10. Get an appraisal – Your wedding band might be the first piece of fine jewelry you own. You are now responsible for that valuable jewelry and may want to insure it to protect against loss or damage. Check with a qualified jeweler to get an appraisal of your jewelry for insurance replacement costs. 

Regular inspections, proper cleaning and care, and following the simple tips mentioned above will help keep your jewelry safe.

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