10 Tips for Choosing a Reliable Jeweler

Finding a great jewelry store and a jeweler can sometimes be difficult. There are many things to consider. Are they trustworthy, honest, experienced, professional, and how extensive is the jewelry selection and pricing? Do they provide services such as watch and jewelry repair, engraving, custom jewelry design, custom bridal, watch repair service, and appraisals?  Do they have an in-store jeweler? Do they have certifications and the experience to be your jeweler? 

  1. Consider recommendations- There may be many jewelers in the area, but searching for the right one takes time. A recommendation from someone who has had a great experience with a jeweler, a trusted friend, or relative may help significantly.
  2. Check reviews- Attractive marketing puts forth the best face for any business. However, it may not always be the case. One method to find out about a jeweler is to look for customer reviews online. With the internet at hand, such reviews are just a click away. Make sure the reviews are authentic and heartfelt, not reviews purchased from professional reviewers.
  3. Look for GIA certifications and years of experience- There are several qualities and qualifications associated with being in the retail jewelry business. Not everyone has adequate knowledge and appreciates the importance of knowing what is happening in the jewelry industry. Your jeweler should be current in his/her knowledge of what is trending, and they should be continuously learning and educating themselves.
  4. Ensure that he/she listens to you- Everyone purchases jewelry for different reasons and occasions. There are many sales associates that pressure the customer just to make the sale. A great jeweler or sale’s person will ask a lot of questions and will find the perfect product or service for you. No pressure.
  5. After-sale services- Post-sale services say a lot about the jeweler. A great jeweler will stand behind their products and services. If there is ever a problem with a service or product you purchased, find the jeweler that will address and correct it. Free jewelry inspections and complimentary jewelry cleanings should be available on purchased items.
  6. Services and repairs- You will one day be in the need of some type of jewelry repair. Perhaps you will need a watch battery or band, ring resizing, engraving, replacing a missing gemstone or diamond. You may want a jeweler that can custom create wedding bands, engagement rings, or restoring a sentimental family heirloom.
  7. Ask about return policies and warranties- You need to find a jewelry store /jeweler that will accept a proper return, or if problems arise with a purchase, they will be there to correct it. Be sure to ask the jeweler for the return policies and warranties he/she offers.
  8. View the collection- Choosing a trustworthy jewelry store/jeweler is essential. However, your styling preferences are important.  Jewelry store selection of jewelry will vary from store to store.  You may want to ensure that your jeweler carries the jewelry designs that reflect your aesthetic.
  9. Check the prices- Price is a significant factor to consider when buying any type of jewelry. Low prices do not always guarantee a great deal. If the pricing policy or discounts seem too good to be true, there may be something not quite right. Do your research, especially for large purchases such as custom engagement rings, wedding bands, custom designs, or major jewelry repairs.  Feel free to ask questions. A trustworthy jeweler will be happy to answer any questions on pricing.
  10. Trust your gut– Endless information is available on the internet. You can go online and do your research and check reviews. However, you will make the ultimate decision on who you will become your personal jeweler. Keep looking until you find one that you feel comfortable with.  Trust your gut.  

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